About Us

"Success, Excellence, and Honesty" These three words embody the spirit of the Unitie Plans brand. We believe in providing our clients with more than just satisfactory service, we try our hardest to ensure the long-term sustainability of the companies that come into our stable - knowing that the majority of these are one-man stables that, with the right guidance will grow exponentially.

In our business, a brokerage is only as good as the way it treats its clients on an ongoing month-to-month basis. We not only look to cater for our clients at the point of them making successful claims, we have been known to advise our clients about the negative effects of a poor claims ratio and teach them the value of balancing this. This approach grows trust between businesses and more often that not, increases referrals. Unitie Plans Group Schemes has the right kind of administrative support that group scheme owners need to be able to confidently carry on with the day-to-day running of their businesses without having to worry about the risks associated with multiple claims over a short period of time.

Our team is small enough to care but big enough to pay individual attention to each and every stokvel, church and group scheme under our stable. We assign a Client Relations Officer to each group so that you will always have one point of contact whenever the need arises to communicate with us. If you or your group need cover at affordable rates and would like to get into contact with us give us a call here or simply fill out the form at the bottom of our Contact Us page. We promise to get in touch with you within 24hours and arrange a suitable quote with you.